About mokojam

mokojam makes «Co-Creation» digital,
interactive and scalable.

mokojam, a venture by Cando, is an interactive, digital and scalable co-creation toolbox for enterprise innovators. mokojam enables teams to co-create ideas and solutions together with the people whose needs are being addressed. For this purpose, all stakeholders are actively involved in the development process using collaborative methods - remotely, on site or in hybrid settings.

Our standardized approach allows efficient workshop planning and execution for beginners and pros. Proven recipes for all kind of challenges let you kick-start or scale innovation within your organization. Our interactive tools are unique in the market and make hybrid work a breeze. mokojam is based on our vast experience in the area of co-creation & workshop facilitation, user experience research & design as well as agile consulting. Our team consists of coaches and facilitators who worked for international champions - among them many top 100 enterprises.

  • Why should I use mokojam?

    Everything you need to learn, prepare and execute awesome co-creation workshops - remote-, onsite- and hybrid-settings.

    • Standardized set of easy to use methods and recipes
    • Not just for design thinking experts but for everyone
    • Makes co-creation digital, interactive and scalable
    • Smart tools instead of “static” templates
    • Makes hybrid workshops a breeze
  • What makes mokojam special?

    mokojam is not just another collaboration tool but rather integrates with your favourite enterprise tools and makes them even more useful.

    • Best-of-breed approach - integrates in Miro & Co.
    • Independent regarding methods and systems
    • Allows enterprises to customize methods and recipes
    • Enterprise innovation consulting and training
    • Additional services and equipment

Who should use mokojam?

mokojam is currently available exclusively for enterprises looking to standardize and scale co-creation and innovation. We are working on a coaching and professional plan too. Please sign up and we will let you know firsthand when we are ready.

  • Innovation Teams

    mokojam helps to scale innovation within your enterprise and to tear down silos. It also aligns the innovation team itself by standardizing different design thinking approaches and methods. Finally it lets you empower others to co-create.

  • Business Teams

    mokojam enables business teams and analysts to align all stakeholders and co-create relevant solutions with impact. The easy to use methods and recipes make a big difference compared to todays meetings and “unstructured” approaches.

  • Agile Teams

    mokojam supports agile teams to align stakeholders - expecially in scaled agile environments (SAFe). Dedicated methods and tools for every level from program, value stream, service to team make collaboration and dev hand-off smooth.

  • UX Teams

    mokojam helps UX architects and designers to go beyond 1:1 UX. It makes UX collaborative and gives you the methods and tools to have an even bigger impact within your enterprise which results in better and relevant solutions for your target group.

mokojam Services

Everything you need as a facilitator – starting from an inspirational location, workshop room and furniture, equipment, custimized logo candys up to a printing service for your workshop posters and canvas. We deliver wherever you are and whenever you need it – worldwide.

«Jampions» working with us