mokojam Key Features

Ready to use Co-Creation Methods

We selected the best methods from hundreds for observing and understanding customer and stakeholder needs, creating concepts and solutions as well as gathering business requirements. Focused on collaboration and group activities.

  • Universally applicable methods
  • Easy to teach, learn and apply
  • Effective and proven for organizations
  • Unique and easy to combine (see recipes)
  • Add your own methods (enterprise plan)

Kick-start with our Facilitation Recipes

Get ready to use recipes to solve typical challenges. We offer proofed method combinations for efficient session facilitation. Our recipes draw from our experience with hundreds of workshops over 15 years for top 500 companies. They cover topics like innovation workshops, design sprints, scoping and prioritizing with groups, aligning stakeholders or agile development and business challenges. Recipes are available for different experience levels starting from beginner, trainer to expert facilator.

Facilitator Documentation 
and Templates

Everything you need to learn, prepare and execute a facilitation method. Our detailed facilitation documentation includes step-by-step guides, benefits,facilitation tips, material, templates for printing and collaboration tools like Miro and much more.

  • Detailed method descriptions
  • Requirements, results, benefits
  • Step-by-step facilitation guide with tips
  • Material and printing templates
  • Online templates for Miro, Mural and more

Workshop Planner 
and Agenda

Create engaging workshops by using our recipes or start from scratch by just drag & drop your favorite methods into the agenda.You will also get a quick guide with the most important steps helping you to facilitate each method. Our Workshop Planer creates a timeline for you and calculates the total duration. Multi-day workshops like design sprints are supported as well. Finally mokojam automatically creates all the templates for your workshop in Miro, Mural and Co.

Collaboration ToolsTemplates for 
Miro & Co.

Create personalized online templates based on your own workshop within seconds. mokojam automatically creates awesome templates for you in Miro, Mural & Co. Use them for a single method, a one hour workshop or even a multi-day innovation sprint.

  • Automatically creates personalized templates
  • Online templates for single methods
  • Supports multi-day workshops and sprints
  • Runs with Miro, Mural & Co
  • Prototyping set for “Build your own”

The interactive tools you’ve been looking for

Our interactive apps make workshop facilitation a breeze and hand-off to agile development teams smooth and straightforward. We offer a bunch of awesome interactive apps like:

  • Sticky Note Printer - prints them from Miro
  • Sticky Note Scanner - digitizes them to Miro
  • Importance / Difficulty Matrix app for 2 dimensions
  • Presentation Mode and many more to come
  • Runs with Miro

Hybrid workshops –yes we can

Hybrid workshops have never been easier thanks to mokojam’s sticky note printer and automated live detection of sticky notes from onsite workshops.

  • Live feed with sticky note detection and update in Miro
  • Automated detection of sticky colors, objects and text
  • Sticky note printer prints Miro sticky notes

Co-Creation for your Business

mokojam is currently available exclusively for large enterprises looking to standardize and scale co-creation and innovation. We are working on a coaching and professional plan too. Please sign up and we will let you know firsthand when we are ready.

  • Innovation Consulting

    Kick-of & Scale Co-Creation in Your Enterprise

    Co-Creation Maturity & Benchmarks
    Organizational Goals & Set-Up
    Co-Creation Teams
    Co-Creation Ceremonies
    Set-up & Planning of Innovation Pools

  • Co-Creation 

    Interactive Co-Creation Method Toolbox and Tools

    Tailormade Co-Creation Toolbox
    Custom Methods & Recipies
    Integration in Enterprise IT
    Support for Miro, Jira, MS Teams...
    User Management
    Whitelabling plus
    Single-Sign-On (SSO) plus
    Advanced Security (SOC 2) plus

  • Facilitation Training

    Co-Creation Facilitation and Training

    Method Training & Dry-runs
    Modules for Beginners & Experts
    Session Planning
    Facilitation Best-Practice
    Key Project Lead & 1:1 Coaching

  • Tobias Bichsel, Head of Co-Creation, UBS WM

    "More than 110 projects and 680 stakeholders have been supported by the UBS Co-Creation Core Team using the customized UBS Co-Creation Toolbox. The impact was huge and the solutions created together by client advisors and IT teams 
have been very valuable and to the point."

  • Rolf Huber, Head of User Experience, BAZG

    "Our goal was to improve the UX maturity within the agile Organization responsible for one of the largest Digital Transformation 
projects of the Swiss Government. The tailormade method toolbox and training of the UX core team was a great contributor to facilitate co-creation for the 240 SAFe teams members."

«Jampions» working with us